Lindy Hop

LEVEL 1 - Porter

You are taking Balboa or Lindy Hop classes since September 2015. You begin to be at ease in social dance. You want more and you want to discover original variations. This level will help you improve your dancing vocabulary and refine your technique! This level is also adapted for dancers who want to strengthen their skills and deepen the fundamental

BALBOA ACQUIRED: basics, padles, come around, lolies, throwout, transitions, out & in, swivels

LINDY ACQUIRED : swing out, lindy turn, circle, basic charleston, tuck turn, send out

Level 2 - SAilor

You are being taking lessons in these dances for almost 2 years. You participate regularly to parties and start to participate to international workshops. You manage every fundamental figures. You play with all  Balboa or Lindy Hop steps. You can dance slow to fast tempos. This level will help you enrich your variations and improve your style


You are dancing Balboa or Lindy Hop for several years and you don't miss any workshop. You have developed your musicality. Your style is affirmed. You are comfortable on all tempos and you like to play by interpreting music. Your goal is to refine your music listening and adapt your style of dance according to the rhythm. This level allows you to work deeper into your dance while exploring new sensations.