Les professeurs


Balboa, Lindy Hop, Shag

Bärbl & Marcus are one of the longest lasting international instructor couples in the Swing world. 2016 will mark the 25th anniversary of their dance partnership that started in Herräng in 1991. They both started with Boogie Woogie before. In 1992 they learned their first Balboa and Shag from Rob van Haaren and immediately kept spreading those dances, too. It all really started for them when they discovered that some of the original dancers have been still alive. So they took off to meet legends like Frankie Manning, Norma Miller (Hellzapoppin’), Gil Bradey (Don’t Knock The Rock), Jean Veloz (Swing Fever, Groovie Movie) or Ray Hirsch (Blondie Meets The Boss). To be at the source of their passion they even moved to the US for four years. They were pioneers at a time when Swing was hardly known anymore. Much has changed. Swing is now popular all over the world. In all those years they unrestless have been passing on their enthusiasm and their knowledge. They haven't only build up those dances in Germany, but also around the globe—either by traveling to teach and perform or inspiring through their world-renowned instructional dance videos.

Marcus worked on the very first dance camp for Boogie Woogie in Germany in 1987 (Boogie Bären) and has been involved in the buildup of the German Boogie Woogie scene and federation. For 11 years Bärbl and Marcus organize the world-famous Rock That Swing Festival in Munich. It became one of the biggest gathering of enthusiasts for the dances and music from the 20s to the 50s. It happens annually on the German carnival weekend (7 weeks before Easter). Bärbl & Marcus can retrospect to a successful career. Their hard work was rewarded with many decorations and competition titles. They are multiple world, national and US champions and have been decorated with the prestigious Feather Award in 1996 and 1997 in the US and with the Dance Teachers Award in Germany. Their excellent performance and teaching repertoire includes the dances Boogie Woogie, Hollywood and Savoy Style Lindy Hop, Balboa, Collegiate Shag, Vernacular Jazz of the 30’s to 50’s, Shim Sham, Charleston, Jitterbug Stroll, Big Apple and Swing Rueda. A particular specialty of Marcus and Bärbl is their excellent ability of improvisation and music interpretation. Most important for them are not their titles but to spread the joy and know


Lindy Hop,  Blues

Fabien and Lisa met in Herrang, Sweden in 2010 and have been teaching and dancing together ever since. Coming from different backgrounds they both bring their own particular expertise, talents, and enthusiasm to the partnership. 

Lisa is a professional dancer from London, now living in France. Classically trained from the age of 6 she discovered her love for all styles of dance whilst studying for her degree in Theatre Dance at London Studio Centre. After leaving college she worked professionally in the commercial dance world, specializing in hip-hop. She then discovered and fell in love with lindy hop and blues and has immersed herself in all things swing ever since.




Fabien comes from Grenoble, France and has been teaching swing dancing since 2004, specializing in lindy hop and blues. His love of choreography has led to him to choreograph a number of successful showcases performed at ILHC and other events, as well as the recent ‘French Connection’ Team that placed 2nd at ILHC.

Together and separately they have competed and placed in many competitions (recently becoming European Swing dance Champions in the slow lindy division. Their fun natured teaching style, yet ability to breakdown a movement, means their classes are a perfect mix for those wanting to progress their dancing. Constantly pushing themselves in their own dancing means they understand the work that goes into becoming a better dancer and are passionate about sharing their experiences and helping others to achieve their goals.




Albert a découvert le Balboa en 2005. Il a très vite développé la scène swing sur Barcelone en l'enseignant régulièrement dans la région. Ils a acquis de nombreux titres européens et est régulièrement sollicité pour enseigner sur des évènements internationaux. Il développe une manière toute particulière de combiner les techniques de Bal Swing et le Pur Bal, avec toujours cet incroyable sens de l'expression et de la musicalité.

Masha Krohina is the headliner of balboa in Russia. Finalist and winner of numerous Russian and international competitions. She has been teaching regular classes in Moscow since March 2007, while constantly conducting workshops all over Russia and teaching with her regular partner (Alexey Gudovich) at swing dance camps in Moscow, Minsk, Kiev, St-Petersburg. She tought classes during balboa weekends and exchanges in Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Czech Republic, Belgium, France, at Rock That Swing Festival, Paris Balboa Shag Festival and Balboa Castle Camp. Has been teaching on occasion with Frederic Barbe (Canada), Olivier Harouard (France) and Mickey Fortanasce (USA). Masha tries to expand and enrich her dance experience through all other swing dances (especially lindy-hop and blues) plus salsa and argentinian tango. While teaching, she practices an individual approach to each student, strives to pay attention to detailes and excersize precision in technique, and most of all - to inspire musicality, creativity and personal style in her students. 



Balboa,  Lindy Hop

Nejc  Zupan is one of the first swing dancers in Slovenia. He is the founder and leader of numerous performing groups and the main person behind the growing popularity of Lindy Hop in Slovenia. His experiences in the field of contemporary motion theatre, music and classic theatre enable him a fresh and amusing approach to teaching and developing the Slovenian swing scene. He pays special attention to Lindy Hop, Charleston, to the jazz movement and musicality, which are a sine qua non in swing. 

Anna’s life as a dancer begins with square competitions in Ballroom and latin-american dances in her teens. Even if that doesn’t swing it has the benefit that she is able to waltz and foxtrot before she discovers Paris’ Swing scene in 2008. And it still adds to her repertoire today. Because Anna ist most happy when she is able to mix all the dances: Lindy, Bal, 20s Charleston, Collegiate Shag, One Step, Peabody – or whatever the music is asking her to do.As DJ ‘Professor Shorthair’ she only plays songs that she would have to dance to herself. With her partner in crime Golbarg Zolfaghari she puts on the wildest parties in Berlin, and with Malte Sussdorff two crazy weeklong dance events: Swing and Balboa Castle Camp. Anna likes to lead as much as she likes to follow, because she has a mind of her own. And that’s very visible when you watch her feet…