For dancers who can embark on Friday, we propose a swing workshop of 2 hours. Participants will be able to choose between several thematics, including lindy hop & swing aerial, rythmical lindy hop challenges, balboa, … This workshop swing is not included in the pass weekend. It is an optional to select when you register. For aerial workshops there is no change partner rotation, you dance with your partner. Specify your partner in your registration if you plan to participate to the aerial workshop.

Saturday & Sunday


1 level Balboa or Lindy *

4 hours lesson

2 hours taster ***

3 parties with orchestras


2 levels Balboa and/or Lindy **

8 hours lesson

2 hours taster ***

3 parties with orchestras


*   Pass Abordage = 1 level Lindy   OR   1 level Balboa
**  Pass Embarquement = 2 levels Lindy   OR   2 levels Balboa   OR   1 level Lindy + 1 level Balboa

*** Pass include 2 hours taster. It is workshop open to every balboa and lindy hop levels. Exemple of swing themes: Tip & Trick for lindy hopSwing Out StylesSwingo (swing moves coming from tango) / Balboa for leadersBalboa for followers / Bodyweight fitness for dancers …)


On Monday it continues with 2 hours of Balboa or lindy hop classes. These 2 hours of lessons are not included in the passes. They must be selected when you register with the registration form.


The planning bellow can be changed in case of organisation constraints.

You can note the start and end times for lessons:

  • Friday :        Workshop start at 3:30 pm and finish 5:40 pm
  • Saturday :   Lessons start at 9:50 am and finish at 4:50 pm
  • Sunday :      Lessons start at 10:10 am and finish at 5:10 pm
  • Monday :     Lessons start at 9:50 am and finish at 12:00 am