4 levels Balboa

4 levels Lindy Hop

Level 1 - beginner

You have been taking classes in Balboa or Lindy Hop since September 2017. You are starting to find your marks in social dancing. Your goal is to increase your dance vocabulary to have fun during parties. This level is also aimed at dancers who wish to consolidate their achievements and deepen their fundamentals

  • Balboa prerequisites : basics, pale, come around, lolies, throwout, out and in, swivel
  • Lindy Hop prerequisites : swing out / lindy turn, circle, basic charleston, tuck turn, send out

Level 2 - Intermediate

You have been taking classes for almost 2 years now. You master all the fundamentals. You play with all the bases of Lindy Hop. You can dance on tempos slow to fast. This level will allow you to enrich your variations and work your style.

Level 3 - intermediate - advanced

You have been dancing for at least 3 years or you are in level "inter plus" in L'îlot Balboa. Your fundamentals are well controlled and your dance is enriched with variations. You are developing your musicality more and more. Your style is assertive. Your objective is to personalize your dance and adapt it to the variations of music: connection, rhythm, melody, intensity ...


Level 4 - Advanced

You have a great experience of balboa or lindy hop, you are in advanced level in L'îlot Balboa, you dance very often, you are a regular of international workshops. The challenge stimulates you. You want to further refine technique and expression as well as push back your limits. This level is yours. The teachers will give you some of their best secrets ...