Dancers have the choice between 2 modes of registration with pass or without pass (for the one who want to participate only to parties or the one who can participate to the workshop but not to every parties).


We propose 2 weekend passes "Abordage" and "Embarquement". You can find every details there


The rates below are applicable for registrations before 15/05/2017. A surcharge of 10% will be applied beyond this date on the price.

Meals in C.R.E.P.S : 9 €

Lunches and dinners to be booked during your registration

See details in this page


Housing au C.R.E.P.S with breakfast included : 20 €  / night / person

To be booked during your registration

See details in this page



Registrations open on april 5th for members and on april 13th at 9 pm for non members


Registration with a partner is recommended to prevent followers to be registered on the waiting list. The registration with partner has to be specified in the registration form. To be taken into account, both partners have to register on the same time or within 48 hours maximum.

  • Level Balboa beginner :           Waiting list for follower
  • Level Balboa inter+ :                Waiting list for follower
  • Level Balboa advanced :          Waiting list for follower
  • Level Lindy Hop beginner :      Waiting list for follower
  • Level Lindy Hop inter :             Waiting list for follower
  • Level Lindy Hop inter + :          Waiting list for follower
  • Level Lindy Hop advanced :     -

When you register, you will receive an email for acknowledgment


A confirmation e-mail (otherwise waiting list e-mail) will be sent to you enabling you to pay your registration.


In order to avoid an overload of last-minute work, we plan to close the registrations on 28/05/2017.